Thursday, September 1, 2016

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A Few Goals for September

Thinking about September 1st puts a smile on my face because I am ready for school to start. I am ready for the fall weather, the holiday season and new beginnings. I have plans for September, plans to be happy. I am hopeful for this month.

Things to look forward to in September:
- Autumn.

- The changing of the leaves.
- Moving into my new apartment.
- Decorating the apartment with my roommates.
- Starting my Fall Quarter of school.
- My mom's birthday.

- Watching my brother and cousin Emily compete in a triathlon. 
- Celebrating my three year anniversary with Nicholas.

Things to work on: 
- Smiling more.
- Singing more.
- Spending time with Nick.
- My patience.

- My friendships.
- Savoring the last bits of Summer.

Things to let go of:

- Fear
- Guilt
- Laziness
- Nervousness
- Pain

Things to think about for this month:
- A goal you'd like to accomplish.
- A workout you'd like to test.
- A recipe you'd like to try
- Something selfless to do for someone else.
- A goal you'd like to achieve.
- All of your blessings.

What are you looking forward for this month?

Saturday, August 20, 2016

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100 Reasons Why.

Today is my sweetheart's birthday. He is twenty years old. This is a really special birthday because he turns twenty on the twentieth of August. I could go on forever talking about this man and what makes him so special to me but here are just a few reasons why I love him.
  1. Your kind heart.
  2. Your contagious smile from ear to ear.
  3. The sound of your laugh.
  4. Your sweet nature.
  5. Your unconditional love of Milo.
  6. Your incredibly modest and vast intelligence.
  7. The way you wink at me across the room.
  8. Your extraordinary hazel eyes.
  9. Your sensitivity and compassion for others.
  10. Your love of the outdoors.
  11. Your passion for cycling.
  12. That early morning "turtle face" you make when you rub your eyes.
  13. The fact that you are the mountains to my sea.
  14. The way you take care of me.
  15. Your love for my family.
  16. My family's love for you.
  17. Your family.
  18. Your funky bedhead when you wake up.
  19. The way you hold me (especially at night when you spoon me even when you overheat).
  20. All the incredible memories we've shared together.
  21. Your strength.
  22. Your amazing sense of direction.
  23. The way you always smell good to me.
  24. The night you asked me to be yours on the 21st night of September.
  25. How you and my Dad are biking buddies.
  26. The silly yet hilariously contagious way you dance and inspire everyone around you to join in.
  27. How you call chimichurri, "the green stuff."
  28. Your odd obsession with ping-pong and inability to win/beat me.
  29. The way you treat me like a princess.
  30. How you manage to reluctantly yet gladly support my mug obsession.
  31. The way you look so proud to be with me.
  32. How you smack your own shoulders when you're proud of yourself.
  33. The fact that you are not only my British boy but my Irish boy as well.
  34. How you get me to try new things and teach me to not be so afraid.
  35. The little freckle by your ear.
  36. How no matter how bad my jokes are, you always laugh for me.
  37. How you somehow manage to be good at everything you try.
  38. How you pretend you're Italian when you're actually Austrian.
  39. How you calm me down when I'm at my most anxious.
  40. How you make me feel so lucky to have you in my life.
  41. The fact that you're an Eagle Scout. *quality fire-builder*
  42. When you say, "We're waffle people," even though we go through pancake phases.
  43. The way you sing, "Ho Hey," by the Lumineers in the car with me.
  44. How when I'm feeling sad you make me tea.
  45. When you press your nose to Milo and say he's "the best dog in the world."
  46. How patient you are, especially when I'm getting ready.
  47. How you remind me of fresh air, pine trees, and the Rocky Mountains.
  48. How you love the same shows like The Office, Parks and Recreation, and Game of Thrones.
  49. How you never complain when I'm watching Gilmore Girls or Grey's Anatomy.
  50. Your love for coffee.
  51. Your obsession with Patagonia, North Face, and REI.
  52. Your ridiculous cycler's tan in the summers.
  53. The way you smiled the day I made you brownies for your 17th birthday.
  54. How you love food and trying new restaurants just as much as I do.
  55. Your silly aversion to word games and literature in general.
  56. The cute face you make when you know that you're right.
  57. The way you pinky promise me to keep my secrets.
  58. How you keep the ticket stubs from every movie we've ever seen together.
  59. When you let me rest my head on your shoulder.
  60. The letters you wrote me during our first year of long distance.
  61. How sometimes you surprise me with a bouquet of flowers.
  62. The mischievous smile you have when you're up to no good.
  63. When you help me decorate every year for the holidays.
  64. Your ability to go after whatever you want and get it.
  65. How you protect me and defend me.
  66. The way it feels like it's you and me against the world.
  67. Your love for nature.
  68. The fact that you are a Colorado Native.
  69. How you have such a fun child-like spirit.
  70. How little kids adore you.
  71. The fascinating way that no one who has ever met you has anything bad to say about you.
  72. You always teach me new things about the world and myself.
  73. The way Milo smiles when you come home.
  74. Even when I'm at my worst, you always manage to make me laugh.
  75. When you call me beautiful even with toothpaste on my face.
  76. When you cook with my mom.
  77. When you joke with my brother.
  78. When you call me a "mermaid."
  79. How at a party surrounded by pretty girls, you're looking at me.
  80. The strange way you play/are fascinated with cats.
  81. When you try to make me pancakes for breakfast but end up burning them terribly.
  82. When you do the dishes because you know I loathe them.
  83. When we cook together.
  84. When you say, "can I have a kiss," when its been too long.
  85. How you nod your head up and down when something tastes really good.
  86. You are the least selfish person I know.
  87. The way you talk about our future together.
  88. You are a true romantic.
  89. Your love of classic cars.
  90. You are always my voice of reason, my moral compass.
  91. Your genuine sweet disposition.
  92. All the adventures you plan for us.
  93. Your absolute masculinity.
  94. The way you call me sweetheart.
  95. Your belief in me and mine in you.
  96. The fact that you are my best friend.
  97. Our honest belief in soulmates and that we are each other's.
  98. You are home to me.
  99. The fact that you've asked me 100 times what I am writing because the anticipation kills you.
  100. The way you smile when you are unbelievably, utterly, undeniably happy.
Happy Birthday my love.


Monday, August 1, 2016

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August 1st.

When I think of August I think of sunflowers. I think of the lake and family vacations. Spending late nights on the end of the dock, lying on my back, looking up at the stars. I think of Nick and how there is a day in August I get to celebrate the birth of my best friend. A dog named Milo whose middle name coincidentally happens to be August, has has a birthday that falls a week later. I celebrate the last full month of summer; soaking up the sunshine and adoring every minute of it. August is a time to fully consider the year so far and contemplate the months ahead. When I think of August I think of adventure. Whether thats traveling to an unfamiliar place or letting go of one's inhibitions. This month is the time to tie up loose ends, figure out what you want to get out of your summer and just let go. I sincerely hope that the memories I make this month not only check off a list, but fill me with joy and a true sense of fulfillment. I am ready to make the month to come extraordinary.

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